Forever Girly Spa was designed by Ebunny Bello & Tania Pennaneach, two women that are well rounded in the field of early childhood.

We created Forever Girly Spa for your child to be pampered and be treated like royalty. Let her escape to her perfect world and share the blissful experience with her girlies. Our ultimate goal is to make sure that each guest feels beautiful on the outside as well as the inside...

The experiences were carefully designed to enhance the outer beauty and allow their self esteem to be nourished. As the girls step into their world of beauty and glamour, they as well get in touch with their inner beauty and strength. 

Every party is uniquely designed to empower and bring out the girls individuality and show appreciation for it...."we believe in valuing and positively encouraging each girl to bring out and maintain their beauty."

Forever Girly Spa can plan your whole event with a magical touch that will remain meaningful and memorable for a life time.